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  • Client:
  • Duration:
    1hr 30minutes
  • Shift Type:
  • Year:
  • location:
  • AREA:
    Polyprime LV, Fastpatch DPR and glass

Project Goal:

Full repair carried out on main runway, with failure of 4 corners of each slab due to catastrophic sub base failure. Fastpatch DPR with its massive side wall adhesion and flexural properties has been applied to provide a reliable running surface for aircraft preventing further water ingress, despite slab movement under loads in excess or 400MT. Note the joints are re-honoured.

Project description:

Main runway surface failure, defect saw cut out to a depth of minimum 100mm, and partly at 150mm Area blown dry using a high pressure air line, then gas torched to ensure dry.primed using Polyprime LV, and filled with Fastpatch DPR and glass

Joints re cut to original slab design, to full depth to ensure the slabs work independently to eah other and new joints made using Polyprime LV followed by Fastpatch EJC-50

Night Work

Temperature Zero Degrees C Dry